By breaking the conventional mould, we have created the Spey Gin collection. Our master blenders, inspired by centuries of expertise, have meticulously selected the finest botanicals and pristine waters sourced from the majestic River Spey that runs through Speyside - a region renowned for its legendary distilleries.

Speyside produces the world’s greatest whiskies and spirits. We have collaborated with a local family distillery who has handcrafted traditional gin recipes using local botanicals & water from the River Spey.

The River Spey is the fastest running river in Europe, renowned for its fine botanicals, volcanic rocks and majestic microclimate. 

Speyfly recognises the provenance of Speyside - producing the finest fruits, botanicals, whiskies and spirits in the world. Speyside is home to the best artisan distillers in the world. Speyfly Gin is the premium gin of choice, elevating your senses with every sip.